Soraya Abouleish SEKEM GGC

For a Sustainable World: Global Goals Curriculum

Education is the key to progress and development. An alternative and holistic approach to education is grounded in SEKEM since the early days, in the schools as well as in adult education. To meet those requirements, old and new structures have to be constantly brought in to question. Currently, SEKEM is focusing on the question: “How can we integrate the Goals for Sustainable Development, formulated by the United Nations, into the education curriculums?” In this context, Soraya Abouleish, trainer at SEKEM School, attended the “Conference on the Future of Learning – Global Goals Curriculum” in Berlin as a representative of SEKEM.

Sustainable Development despite difficult conditions

The objective of the international event was to explore new ways of learning and of working together for the development of a curriculum that empowers people to achieve the global sustainability goals of the United Nations. In school, civil society and business. “For a sustainable world. For all people. In all countries”, the organizers say.

Soraya Abouleish was invited to present SEKEM as an example that shows how sustainable economic and social development can succeed through personal, creative will, despite challenging conditions. Additionally, she attended workshops that were aiming to set up a curriculum. “We had lots of ideas and findings, among others that it should not only be about the global sustainability goals, since they will change over the coming decades. Rather, we need to work on an educational approach that encourages people to always tackle the challenges of their times”, she says.

Margret Rasfeld, initiator and host of the Global Goals Curriculum Congress was very satisfied about the outcomes of the intensive two-days event on new forms of learning and working: “It was unique and deeply moving. Now we have to bring the impetus of the conference into action.” The German education innovator, head teacher and author is expected to visit SEKEM within this year.

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