First Place for Lebensbaum

In September the company Lebensbaum was awarded for its Sustainability Report. The Institute for Ecological Economy Research and the association “future – Verantwortung Unternehmen” which analyzed the sustainability reports of smaller and medium-sized companies, chose the German Organic pioneer to the first place and praised the exemplary transparency of the current Sustainability Report.

“A holistic understanding of sustainability characterizes Lebensbaum since a long time.” Helmy Abouleish

The independent ranking is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs  (BMAS)). Thorben Albrecht, Secretary of the BMAS, emphasized on the importance of good corporate social responsibility reporting for sustainable entrepreneurial dealing: “If management and employees are involved in the reporting process, the awareness for sustainability throughout the company increases as an important topic for the future and promotes innovation. Entrenched processes will be scrutinized and the social and environmental impacts will be considered, including those in the supply chain.”

A common believe 

Lebensbaum has been a reliable partner of SEKEM for many years. Herbs and spices cultivated by SEKEM are processed and sold by Lebensbaum in Germany. The longstanding partnership made the Chief Executive Officers of the two companies, Ulrich Walter (Lebensbaum) and Helmy Abouleish (SEKEM) becoming good friends. When SEKEM founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish bought the first piece of land in the Egyptian desert in 1977, Ulrich Walter opened a small Organic food store in Germany. After almost 40 years the two founding ideas grew up to international operating companies and the common dream of Biodynamic agriculture and healthy food ensures still a great solidarity. “The welfare of our employees and the surrounding communities, cultural development and the regeneration of nature is the foundation of our common success. This holistic understanding of sustainability characterizes Lebensbaum since a long time”, says Helmy Abouleish.

To strengthen and expand this solidarity, the International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade (IAP) was founded in SEKEM in 1996. Together with Lebensbaum and some other international Organic pioneers the emerging synergies shall be used to improve the interaction between farmers, producers and traders. 14 companies are currently a member of the IAP. They meet regularly, develop new marketing strategies for Organic products and support each other in order to promote the worldwide cultivation by Organic and Biodynamic methods.

Nils Daun

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