Celebrating a New Milestone: SEKEM Empowers Egyptian Farmers with the Egyptian Biodynamic Association

We are thrilled to support the EBDA in celebrating the distribution of Economy of Love carbon credit proceeds to small-scale Egyptian farmers across all governorates. This groundbreaking initiative not only recognizes and rewards farmers for their efforts but also serves as a testament to our commitment to environmental preservation and address the climate crisis.

The ceremony was well attended by the esteemed presence of Major General Khaled Shuaib, Governor of Matrouh, alongside our CEO, Mr. Helmy Abouleish, and Chairman of Heliopolis University, Dr. Thuraya Seada, Director of the Carbon Footprint Center at Heliopolis University. Also in attendance were Dr. Naeem Moselhi, Former Head of the Desert Research Center, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Amir, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development of Matrouh Resources, Engineer Mujeeb Al-Rahman Fouad, Director of Projects at Heliopolis University, Engineer Ahmed Youssef, Director General of the Agriculture Directorate in Matrouh, and Dr. Mohamed Salem, Director of the Applied Research Center, along with several farmers from cities and centers within the Matrouh Governorate. The event took place at the prestigious Great Hall of the Center for Sustainable Development of Matrouh Resources.

Advancing Food Security and Sustainability

During the ceremony, our CEO, Mr. Helmy Abouleish, underscored EoL’s commitment to organic agriculture as a pivotal strategy in tackling food security challenges and mitigating climate change. At SEKEM Group, we are dedicated to fostering sustainability through investments in biodynamic and organic farming methods, aiming to address global issues and foster an environmentally responsible ethos in agriculture.”

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture through Collaborative Efforts

During the event, Major General Khaled Shuaib emphasized the vital role of collaborative initiatives in bolstering Egypt’s agricultural sector, with a specific focus on Matrouh. He underscored the significance of such efforts, particularly in Matrouh’s coastal region, where organic farming flourishes.

Engineer Mahmoud Al-Amir highlighted the fruitful partnership between the Center for Sustainable Development of Matrouh Resources and Egyptian universities, including Heliopolis University. This collaboration is working towards innovating solutions, delivering essential services to farmers, and advancing Matrouh’s overall progress.

Furthermore, Dr. Naeem Moselhi lauded Matrouh’s recent development strides, attributing them to robust political leadership. The governorate has reaped substantial benefits from key infrastructure projects like the expansion of regional roads and the Rod Al-Farag Dabaa axis. These enhancements not only improve connectivity but also ensure better access to vital services throughout the region. Dr. Naeem Moselhi also recognized Governor Shuaib’s unwavering support for initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for residents.


The ceremony culminated with Mr. Helmy Abouleish presenting honorary shields to Governor Shuaib, Dr. Naeem Moselhi, Engineer Al-Amir, and Dr. Mohamed Salem. These awards recognized their invaluable contributions to sustainable development.