Eco-health: Always Taking Care of You

SEKEM has just launched its medical insurance and Integrative Health Service to keep the SEKEM employees and Heliopolis University members safe and sound. Eco-health isn’t just a traditional medical insurance service that covers medical expenses. It is a unique service that intends to focus on long-term health goals and preventing diseases through guidance and proper health education. The offering includes for example personalized one-to-one coaching, self-care practices, meal planning or sustainable dieting.  

Eco-health aims at improving its clients’ and patients’ health and creating a healthier, happier life for them. It will guide them through all aspects of life and offer lifestyle counseling that will reduce stress, and help them achieve their health goals.  

This will be done by a diverse team of professionals with different specializations (physicians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, nutrition and lifestyle coaches) that will support patients along their recovery and treatment journey. 

The integrative health service provider Eco-health will assess the medical condition of its patients and guide them to the top hospitals and service providers throughout the treatment process. Eco-health’s network includes the most reputable and trusted names that will provide all the needed services and can be found easily across different regions and areas of Egypt.

It is one of SEKEM’s Vision goals for 2057 to realize an holistic and integrative understanding and promotion of health in Egypt. The Eco-health service is one important step toward this vision. 

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