Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish Speaks at Conference on Biodynamics

How to move from abstract ideas to concrete experience“ – this was the slogan of the International Conference “Alliances for Feeding the Planet” that took place at Bocconi University in Milan recently. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish had been invited to speak at the event about SEKEMs holistic approach to development, a concept crucial for positive long-term development not only in Egypt but globally.

On this occasion, Dr. Abouleish also met an old friend again: Guilia Maria Crespi, the current chairwoman of the Italian Environmental Fund. 38 years ago, Dr. Abouleish himself had joined Guilia Crespi’s trainings on biodynamic agriculture. Thus, it was from Dr. Crespi that the SEKEM founder first learned the benefits of the agricultural idea that should later became one of SEKEMs main conceptual pillars.

The conference aimed to inform participants about new best practice in sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, eco tourism, and handicrafts. It involved the participation of academics, researchers as well as farmers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of nutritional science.

Christine Arlt