Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish receives the Golden Diploma from the University of Technology Graz.

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish Receives Golden Diploma from TU Graz

In a long-standing tradition, the University of Technology Graz, Austria every year honours those graduates who have earned their degree 50 years ago at the institution. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish had studied chemical engineering at Graz. Pursuant to a decision of the rectorate and on the recommendation of the senate, he was also awarded the Golden Diploma on 21 May 2015.

During their decision-making process, jury members have to weigh if the renewal of the original diploma is justified either by a continuously close connection to the Technical University of Graz, specific scientific merits, or outstanding professional achievements.

The deed was officially presented to Dr. Abouleish during a festive ceremony. He also spoke on the occasion of an anniversary event of alumnae of the TU Graz.

Five years ago, Dr. Abouleish had already received an honorary doctorate from the university. To date, he remains closely connected to his Alma Mater through numerous research projects in which he has participated.

Christine Arlt, Regina Hanel