Aside from the Heliopolis University, Dr. Bruno Sandkühler also visited the SEKEM School.

Dr. Bruno Sandkühler Visits Heliopolis University

In early February, the students of the Heliopolis University had the rare opportunity to meet renowned Egypt expert Dr. Bruno Sandkühler from Germany, who had arrived to share with them his unique perspective on ancient Egyptian culture. As part of its core courses the university offers lectures and excursions to its students, some of which where now held and organised by Dr. Sandkühler. He quickly enthralled his students with his extensive knowledge of the intricate and long history of their country, providing them with plenty of details most of them had not known before. The visit to the Egyptian Museum was a high point of Dr. Sandkühler’s visit and in fact a first for many of the young people. A trip to Sakkara was hugely popular, too. The seasoned orientalist led the student group through the extensive district of the Pyramid of King Djoser, the oldest in Egypt, and recounted its elaborate construction.

With offers like these, the Heliopolis University intends to familiarize its students with their roots. In fact, several participants entered these historic sites for the first time in their lives. Dr. Bruno Sandkühler also paid the SEKEM School a visit and delighted the audience with exciting stories from ancient times.

Christine Arlt