Desert Greening Started! Update on the Campaign

The first half is already done: since March, SEKEM has been able to raise more than 190 000 Euros for its currently running Greening the Desert project in Wahat El-Bahareya, where 63 hectares of desert land shall be reclaimed for sustainable food production and community building.

On the SEKEM Farm in Wahat El-Bahareya SEKEM started its new project: Greening 63 desert land for sustainable food production and community building!

400 000 Euros will be needed to install three solar-powered pivot irrigation systems, which turn desert land into vital soil without wasting resources. A few days ago, the first pivot system arrived on the SEKEM farm in El-Bahareya. Besides, 1000 tons of compost are ready to start the cultivation of peppermint.

The long-standing SEKEM partner company from Germany “Lebensbaum”, has a particularly large share of the current financing status. Therefore, the first pivot is branded by “Lebensbaum”.

SEKEM’s German partner company “Lebensbaum” contributed a huge part to the first pivot irrigation system.

You can still support the Greening the Desert Campaign by different ways.

  • Buying: Join the project and become carbon neutral at the same time! The SEKEM Online Shop offers CO2 certificates, acquired from SEKEM’s afforestation projects and the Biodynamic agriculture in the Egyptian desert. The return of those certificates will directly be reinvested into the project “Greening the Desert”
  • Lending: Interest bearing loan of at minimum 1000 Euros. The interest is distributed once a year in SEKEM vouchers (SEKEM vouchers can be cashed in the SEKEM Online Shop and the SEKEM Guesthouse). The amount of the interest rate can be chosen up to 10% p.a.
  • Giving: Last but not least, the project can be supported with a financial contribution without any return, by donating money.
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