DEG and SEKEM: Looking together into the future

SEKEM is a wonderful place in the midst of the desert with amazing achievements. I am deeply impressed by what I have seen here,” said Bruno Wenn, the Chairman of the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG) during his visit to SEKEM last week. “I am happy that the DEG was able to support the realization of this wonderful initiative and contribute to its success,” he asserted.

Bruno Wenn arrived at SEKEM for a special three-day visit with Dr. Marco Hollekamp, the Vice President
Special Operations for international financing at DEG. The two prestigious guests were received with a warm welcome by SEKEM Founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish and his son Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SEKEM. The visit contributed in consolidating the economic relationship between SEKEM and DEG which goes back more than 30 years – the DEG h
as been granting loans to SEKEM since 1985.

As a birthday gift to Dr. Abouleish, the DEG is also financing one-year scholarships for two students from Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. The DEG corporation has always been striving to keep close to its partners with a focus on long-term and sustainable banking methods. “I hope and will do my best that this partnership will become even stronger in the future,” said the DEG Chairman concluding the visit.

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