Crowdfunding for Social Initiative Forum in SEKEM


“Man Cannot Work Alone” is an essential belief that guided the social entrepreneur Ibrahim Abouleish when he established the SEKEM initiative in Egypt.

We are inspired by this belief and think that overcoming major social challenges of our time requires co-engagement and co-creation of people and initiatives from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.


The many social, cultural and environmental initiatives of this world, that are already making a change, need a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences, share their challenges and struggles and voice out solutions to problems in their local context.

They need a platform to inspire others, to scale up solutions and provide others with the tools and knowledge to actively engage in their own communities.

Help us to bring change makers together!

Meeting in a physical place, forming real connections and networks, working together and supporting each other is what is required to respond to the magnitude of our social challenges.

Since 20 years the  Social Initiative Forum (SIF) is connecting change makers from all over the world. Each year the Forum is dedicated to a different topic related to poverty, injustice and inequality. The SIF already happened across four continents and connected hundreds of people and initiatives.


This year the Forum will happen in Egypt

The Forum will bring together educators, curative educators, social workers, researchers & individuals interested in holistic education and sustainability. All of them will share their perspective and experience on the topic of the forum:  “Individual Potential Unfolding for a Sustainable Future”

Our event is co-hosted and co-organised by the SEKEM initiative in Egypt and the Heliopolis University For Sustainable Development.

Where the Money goes

The Social Initiative Forum is organised by volunteers and employees of SEKEM. Their contribution and this engagement is a gift of SEKEM to the cause of the Social Initiative Forum. Still there are expenses for each participant and all of our contributors.

Some of the social initiatives that are coming cannot afford those expenses and we want to decrease the barrier of joining our forum so that more social workers from different backgrounds are able to participate.

Your contribution will help to fund the participation of…

…15 Social workers and educators from Egypt, Palestine, India, Uganda etc (more stories about each initiative : )

…15 Youth Volunteers  

We would like to create an opportunity where young adults can be involved, hold the forum together with our volunteers from SEKEM and Heliopolis University and also serve back to the world. 15 youth volunteers from Egypt, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Tansania, Bulgaria, Netherlands are joining the forum earlier and will address the topic of the forum with the eyes of the younger generation.

…17 Contributors  Keynote speakers and workshop leaders (11/28 are already funded):

All Contributors of the SIF pay their own travel costs and are sharing their contribution as a gift to all the participation. So we would like to fund at least for the basic costs for contributors.

How you can help?

We appreciate any kind of support! If a financial contribution is not possible for you, please share this with your friends and networks and use the indiegogo share tools!

Support us!
Learn more on the Social Initiative Forum taking place at SEKEM