Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program

Heliopolis University students are teaming up to start different environmental projects. As part of the Core Program, the students come together to present projects in relation to their fields of study. Some of these projects receive funding from SEKEM through the annual competition for the Abouleish Fund.

“Beyond Algae” Abouleish Fund winner project

Upon their study of algae, a group of Pharmacy students discovered the potential of certain microorganisms in solving some of the world’s biggest problems, such as climate change, greenhouse gases and emissions, food and water shortages and more. “We named our project ‘Beyond Algae’ and we are conducting researches on how algae can be useful in the field of air purification and as a soil fertilizer,” explains Mina Rizq, the project group leader and Pharmacy student at Heliopolis University. “Artificial so-called Algae tree can produce up to 100 percent more oxygen that natural trees and thereby purify up to 13,000,000 cubic meters of air,” adds Pasant Mohamed, one of the team members for “Beyond Algae” project. Hence, algae trees own a lot of potential for enhancing the air quality at schools or in neighborhoods as they do not require much space. 

SEKEM Vision Goals in action

The creativity and entrepreneurship program serve the SEKEM Vision Goals (SVGs) for holistic education, integral university model and holistic research. Helmy Abouleish, SEKEM CEO, and Omar Ramzy, Dean of Business Faculty, among others take it upon themselves to guide the program and conduct weekly sessions with the students to provide them with real life insights and experiences. This program is a true opportunity for the students to grow and develop into tomorrow’s leaders and visionaries. The students are encouraged to have big dreams and at the same time they are empowered and given the tools to help make those dreams come true.

Nadine Greiss

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