Coworkers at ISIS Organic Receive Commendations

Those coworkers who have shown exceptional performance during the past year have been honoured at a ceremony in the presence of Helmy Abouleish.

The annual gathering of the coworkers of ISIS Organic, SEKEMs biggest company, took a different turn than usual this year. In January, while participants were used to reviewing the past months and then directing their perspective to the coming year, the ISIS Organic staff was itself at the focus of the 2015 meeting. At the event, 48 employees were honoured for their commitment and achievements during the past business year of 2014. About 100 of 360 ISIS staff members were present to celebrate what was in fact an extremely successful year in the history of ISIS Organic.

On 8 January the ceremony commenced in the auditorium of the SEKEM School. Dr. Mamdouh Abouleish, CEO of ISIS Organic, opened the event with a summary of the key determining factors of the successes of 2014. First and foremost, the company was able to boost productivity while not having to make any substantial investments in new machinery. That kept costs down while improving its business value. The fact that ISIS Organic’ staff could reach this goal is even more remarkable as the past months have been highly challenging for most businesses in the entire country.

After receiving this positive news, the event proceeded to a number of artistic performances, specifically those of pupils from the SEKEM School. Every Thursday before the beginning of the weekend, these children demonstrate the results of their learning of the past few days to an audience of SEKEM coworkers and friends. This time, the entire community of the school chose to perform together in a recital of popular Egyptian folk songs. Upon hearing these well-known melodies, even the businessmen from ISIS Organic joined in. The event was especially enjoyable for the new company members and the ISIS Organic sales team as it represented the first time they were able to experience SEKEMs cultural and social activities first hand. Afterwards, Helmy Abouleish presented the 48 ISIS Organic staff members with certificates and medals. The CEO of the SEKEM Group also honoured them by recounting their achievements. Furthermore, four ISIS Organic employees received special commendations on behalf of their entire departments in the form of valuable plaques. These managers also took the opportunity to address the audience directly.

The afternoon was spent at a gathering at the SEKEM guest house. The entire group participated in a screening of a film that presented SEKEM as the integrated cultural and economic initiative that it is. The intention of the film was to introduce the new staff into its holistic development concept. Afterwards, the team engaged in a discussion about the film.

In the true sense of SEKEM, the ISIS Organic celebration was finished with the circle of coworkers as it is held every Thursday before the start of the weekend.

Christine Arlt