Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of SEKEM, black white 2017

Commemoration for Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in Germany

On June 15, Dr. Hans Werner, longstanding friend and supporter of SEKEM, organized a commemoration for Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish on behalf of the SEKEM Friends Association Germany, in Niefern-Öschelbronn, Germany, 

A report about the commeroration for Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish by Susana Ulrich-Alvarez

When a film about SEKEM was shown at the beginning of the memorial event, the work of the quite unusual man was suddenly very lively and present. These pictures were intensified and became quite alive through the intimate narratives and personal memories of Dr. Hans Werner. Again and again, the tremendous will-power and firm idealism that had run like a thread through his biography, touched us deeply. Ibrahim Abouleish did not only had a dream that he realized, but he was able to keep his dream alive all the time – it grew, spread and matured like a great, mighty tree from a small seed.

The power that makes every life possible is the vital power of the sun. This has also been the impetus of SEKEM and became visible in Ibrahim Abouleish‘s work.

The commemoration was rounded off by eurhythmy, music and words from Rudolf Steiner. A Special thanks goes out to Dr. Hans Werner, longstanding supporter of SEKEM and close friend of Ibrahim Abouleish. this commemoration could not have happened without his dedication. 

Susana Ulrich-Alvarez, lives and works as an eurythmist and eurhythmy therapist in Öschelbronn and is a longtime friend of SEKEM.


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