Circus in SEKEM

In October an impressive circus performance took place at the SEKEM Farm. In the roman theater, Rosalie Schneiter and Aurelia Eidenberger showed artistic stunts on a slack line and a ladder. Acrobatic gymnastics followed on the ground and balls were juggled through the air. The two artists also involved the approximately 50 SEKEM students and co-workers from the audience into the show, which had been a great surprise.

The pupils get involved in the performance.
Pupils get involved in the performance.

The ensemble from Austria visited the SEKEM Farm as part of a tour through Egypt and was recommended by the Austrian Embassy, with which SEKEM maintains a close partnership. SEKEM supports cultural activities within all institutions in order to support and promote the individual development of the co-workers and students.

Artisitic performance on a ladder.
Artisitic performance on a ladder.
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Music Caravan on the SEKEM Farm
Austrian Minister of Environment in SEKEM