Neue SEKEM Weihnachtsprodukte in Deutschland

Christmas with Moringa, Lucuma & Co.: New SEKEM Products Arrive in Germany

The Davert GmbH, which leads development and distribution of new SEKEM products in German speaking countries, has just presented new SEKEM sweets with dates – the perfect Christmas present for friends of Demeter-quality products. The new candy is available in several different flavours.

Date Confectionery with Moringa & Cocoa Nibs

Sun-kissed dates from the Bahariya oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert are harvested by hand, washed, dried, and carefully pitted. In Germany, the delicious dates are refined with raw pieces of cocoa and then rolled in thin Moringa leaves. Moringa, the “miracle tree”, has been highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years because of its valuable ingredients.

Date Confectionery with Lucuma & Hibiscus

Hibiscus belongs to the mallow family and is traditionally used in Asian and Oriental healing. Lucuma, the sweet fruit of the Lucuma tree from the highlands of the Andes, has been cherished here for a long time due to its precious ingredients. In combination with the sweet dates, the two make for a healthy treat.

By the way: Davert has also begun production of new, typically German Christmas treats available only during the four weeks before Christmas Eve – of course, in Demeter quality.

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