Call for Crowdfunding: Sustainable Building in the Desert

Climate change is hitting, Egypt’s population is growing rapidly and the demand for housing is increasing. We want to continue our development and implementation of construction methods and techniques that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, but just as affordable as conventional methods. We want to create: healthy jobs, sustainable livelihoods, affordable buildings. With several projects (farm cafeteria, school and kindergarten buildings, living house at the Wahat farm near the Bahareya Oasis) we could already proove that it works!

Support SEKEM EcoConstruction

What is this project all about?

Our project is about offering people a solid basis for life. On the one hand, through meaningful work in a healthy context, and on the other, through the living, learning and working spaces that result from this work, namely ecologically sustainable and architecturally valuable buildings. Find our crowdfunding campaign here on StartNext.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our vision is to be an inspiration for the building sector with our work, minimizing the emissions, waste and energy consumption of the construction industry and the existing building stock through consciously chosen and consciously used building materials and resources.

Our next concrete goal is the realization of an apartment building with twelve affordable housing units for SEKEM employees and their families.

The construction industry is responsible worldwide for:
approx. 60% of consumption of resources
approx. 50% of waste generation
> 35% of energy consumption
> 50% of emissions
(W. Sobek: non nobis – on building in the future, Volume 2, 2023)

Why would you support this project?

As a global society, we are facing major challenges when it comes to our future and it is our responsibility to tackle these in a solution-oriented manner.
 By supporting our project, you will become part of our efforts to develop and implement holistic solutions. 
Even a small contribution can make a big difference.
You make a difference!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

20.000 €
Training and educating construction workers and team building is our top priority. This enables us to offer young people permanent employment.

15.000 €
Investments in safety equipment and work clothing, hand tools, manual machinery and construction site equipment are necessary in order to constantly improve working conditions and processes.

15.000 €
We urgently need to invest in research and development of more efficient processes and production methods.