Dr. Abouleish in Scandinavia

Business for Peace: Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in Scandinavia

The Business for Peace Foundation, that yearly honours people with the Business for Peace Award, invited Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, who received the accolade in 2012, in the beginning of May to the Business for Peace Summit in Oslo.

This year the summit had the topic: Towards Global Targets: Business as a Problem Solver. The honourees, as well as guests from business and politics met at the Nobel Peace Center with the Prime Minister of Norway and presented their sustainable business concepts.

Together for the Sustainable Development Goals

The Business for Peace Award honours entrepreneurs that are committed to combat poverty and inequality. During the awarding ceremony, former honourees signed a pledge to stand up for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, in all areas of their business and to do their best in encouraging their partners and colleagues to follow their example. The pledge was then officially handed over to the Prime Minister.

After the welcoming at the University of Oslo, the guests met with Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon, who was interested in getting insights to global sustainability projects. High profile representatives from politics, business and society shared their experiences in regards to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Meeting Old and New Friends

Also the Biodynamic Association and the SEKEM Friends Association of Scandinavia welcomed Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in Oslo and had an enriching conversation about the sources of inspiration for the development of Biodynamic farming and Demeter-quality worldwide. In addition, they shared thoughts about ways how to present SEKEM as a positive role model from the Middle East in media.

Afterwards, Dr. Abouleish continued his journey to Stockholm in Sweden, where he visited the company Ogland, a young brand, which sells Demeter- and Fairtrade-textiles in Sweden and cooperates with SEKEMs company NatureTex. Another highlight in Sweden was an event organized by the Anthroposophical Society, SEKEM Scandinavia and YIP (The International Youth Partnership Program). Rembert Biemond, a long-standing friend of SEKEM and member of the SEKEM Board of Directors, interviewed Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish regarding the beginnings of SEKEM but also took a look into the future. Additionally, Dr. Abouleish presented SEKEMs efforts in fostering the United Nations’ Goals for Sustainable Development in SEKEMs everyday life holistically in economy, ecology, societal and culture life.

Photo: © SEKEM Friends Scandinavia


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