Back To School… At Last

Vibes of joy filled the SEKEM Farm on the 15th of October as that day marked the celebration of returning to school. The teachers prepared many performances to welcome their students back. Teachers and students alike enjoyed the festive celebration and were happy to reunite.

SEKEM School has been preparing for the return of the pupils according to the health and safety regulations and measurements. The classrooms were reorganized to respect the social distancing guidelines and assigned staff were responsible to measure the body temperature and ensure that everyone has face masks on. Despite this unusual scene, everyone was happy to be back to SEKEM Farm and School together.

“I had enough of playing!”

“In my 20 years of teaching, I never witnessed such energy and enthusiasm on the first day back to school. The kids realize how much they’ve missed their school and teachers and even learning,” expresses Amira Badawy, the Primary School Manager and Teacher. “I had enough of playing, watching TV, phones, and I really missed school,” adds one of her primary school pupils.

Now the school teachers and management are working together to get the pupils back in shape. “Whenever possible, we conduct the classes in the gardens so that the kids can get some fresh air and feel free after they were stuck at home. We also incorporate activity classes whenever possible to get them moving and energized. This is a part of staying healthy and happy,” explains Amira.

Also the old and new  students of Heliopolis University have been welcomed at the campus’ roman theater on the following Sunday.

Nadine Greiss