Art as Therapeutic Impulse for Perception

The visual artist Gerlinde Wendland is a longtime SEKEM friend who is coming to Egypt on a regular basis for many years already to work mainly with educators in regard to painting. Her work can be found in almost every SEKEM building and decorate the walls of schools, offices and homes. During her last visit, she made a new experience in SEKEM.

How amazed I was this time, when I was asked to work with children with special needs  in addition to my artistic work at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. Already during the first hours that I spent with the children of different grades, I quickly realized that it would be more helpful to work with them individually. And so I started to work together with a SEKEM teacher and two children. In a quiet room, moistened paper and two colors (yellow and blue) were waiting for us. First, we tried to create an atmosphere of coming together. We stood behind the children and led their arms from the crossing point in front of their chest to a big gesture into the surrounding area. This was repeated rhythmically several times: point and perimeter. The same breathing movement was then performed with the two colors on the paper surface.


To my amazement, the children were very attentive and open to this accompanied activity. And also the educators have taken up this small therapeutic impulse very openly and gratefully will integrate into their work with the children.


Gerlinde Wendland

“Art Consists of Contrast and Suspense, Like Life Itself.”
The Art of Reflecting Nature: Exhibition by Gerlinde Wendland