sekem soccer tournement 2015 mizan

Annual Soccer Tournament in SEKEM

As every year, just before the fasting month of Ramadan begins, a large soccer tournament is organised in SEKEM. For one month, visitors may watch exciting games between the teams of various SEKEM firms and other co-workers three times a week. They are carried out on the grounds of the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. In addition to the individual companies, each of which field teams including, for instance, staff members from accounting or sales, the SEKEM farm’s security personnel or agricultural workers also combine forces in a team.

Great joy, enthusiasm and verve ruled on the playground for the entire month. Eventually, the team of Mizan (SEKEMs company for organic seedlings and grafting plants) won the tournament. Its staff were rewarded with the coveted trophy, gold medals, and vouchers for SEKEMs own Organic & More shop.

The team of SEKEM Holding came in second and the bronze medal was taken by the ISIS team of the SEKEM main farm. They all received their awards out of the hands of Dr. Mamdouh Abouleish (CEO of ISIS) and the Samar Gamil (Head of Human Resources at the SEKEM Group).

Christine Arlt