Alternative Nobel Prize Laureates Conference 2014

Regional Conference in Cairo

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation will, in partnership with SEKEM (RLA Laureate 2003) and the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, host a regional conference in Cairo, Egypt from 6 to 9 June. The regional conference will bring Laureates from all over Africa and the Middle East to share their experiences and struggles in their different areas of work: from human rights to environmental protection, women’s health, ecologically and socially sound agriculture, as well as justice and community healing after violent conflict.

This event will be the second in a series of regional meetings of Right Livelihood Laureates and is made possible thanks to the generous support of Church of Sweden.


6-7 June, Internal sessions:
The first two days of the conference will see closed-door internal discussions amongst the participants for introductions and discussions to bring the group up to date on everyone’s current work. The Laureates will share lessons learned, focusing on emerging challenges and opportunities in the African/Middle Eastern context, joint campaigns, and what the Foundation could do to better support their work.

8 June, Open program:
Meetings between local civil society groups and the Laureates will take place at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. There will be time allocated for smaller working groups and two panel debates focusing on civil society connections, as well as sustainable agriculture and food security. The media is invited to the open event. Please contact our press team (see below) for details and scheduling interview opportunities.

9 June, Internal sessions:
The last day is planned for follow-up and evaluations. There will also be room for presentations and signing of possible petitions.

Why a regional conference?

1. To bring African and Middle Eastern Laureates of the RLA together on a common platform, for the first time, to share experiences and struggles with each other. To provide a platform for building fruitful working relationships and networks, allowing Laureates to potentially identify ways to strengthen each others’ campaigns/work, and lay the foundation for possible joint projects.

2. To ascertain how to strengthen the support to the RLA Laureates, in particular mechanisms for the protection of threatened Laureates.

3. Both South-South and North-South expression of solidarity with civil society organizations and activists in Egypt and the region – and to make it possible for Laureates to exchange experiences with local civil society groups in Cairo.

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