A Special Treat for Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish By His Friends

Those who visited SEKEM last week were immediately carried away by the spirit of SEKEM’s annual Spring Festival. This year, the initiative celebrates two round birthdays: the 80th birthday of SEKEM founder, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, and the initiative itself, since SEKEM was founded 40 years ago.

On a birthday a gift could not be missing, of course. Being asked about how friends and supporters could make him happy, Dr. Abouleish expressed his heartfelt wish to extend SEKEM’s Medical Center to an emergency room. With the station, the SEKEM Initiative will be able to help victims in the region around the SEKEM farm quickly and competently.

SEKEM’s supporters did nothing like better than fulfilling the desire of the now 80-year-old Egyptian and launched a collection of donations. Within just two months, the friends managed to raise several thousands Euros. For two weeks the station has been open 24 hours a day now. With the donations, the SEKEM Initiative is going to buy medical equipment for the new station and thus could treat the father of the SEKEM vision a special and beautiful birthday. The SEKEM Community thanks all donors and supporters.

Sherif Abou El Naga

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