A New Year with New Steps Towards our Vision for a Sustainable Future

As we send off the year 2019 and welcome the New Year, SEKEM takes another look at its Vision 2057 to set the goals for 2020.

Zero waste and circular economy

Throughout 2019, SEKEM had been working on its circular economy to achieve zero waste and initiated its project “Precious Plastic”. A group from Heliopolis University’s brilliant students has adapted the project into a successful prototype which will be able to reach mass production and generate profit. This model can later be implemented on a larger scale within several organizations. 

100% Organic

Years ago, SEKEM has managed to make impact leading to changes in laws and regulations in the field of cotton agriculture. By reducing the use of chemical pesticide, SEKEM has taken its first steps towards 100% Organic Egypt. Following up on that impact raising awareness was needed, hence the project “Let’s Seed the Future” was initiated. This project was put in action throughout the seeding and harvesting seasons of wheat. School and university students took part in the project which aimed to raise awareness about the importance of agriculture and the role everyone needs to play from greening rooftops and homes to plane fields.

New steps into the future

Ibrahim Abouleish once had a dream everyone thought impossible. He proved them all wrong, like Nelson Mandela said: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” That dream was to green the earth and invest in people. Ibrahim Abouleish saw his dream come true; desert land revitalized and humans unfolding their potential and living in the real sense of community. Now Helmy Abouleish revives those dreams and seeks to reach new heights.

We are very excited to be stepping into the New Year with huge ambition and determination to accomplish our new goals. For the year 2020, SEKEM sets two new goals alongside nurturing all our previous steps and projects. “You can build a new thing or work on what has already been built; those are the only paths for development,” states SEKEM’s CEO, Helmy Abouleish. Following a holistic vision; SEKEM works in both directions. 

Unfolding individual potential

How can one unfold their own potential or help unfold the potential of others? This had been the question for the past few months, and it was that thought that initiated our invitation to host the Social Initiative Forum 2019 in SEKEM and Heliopolis University. Joined by many experts in pedagogy and social development, we raised the question and together we came to suggestions and demonstrations of innovative and creative solutions. The Social Initiative Forum laid the grounds for a strong network of believers in humanity and social development to empower one another in achieving this goal.

13 Villages Project

In pursuit of Unfolding Individual Potential, SEKEM has also initiated the “13 Villages Project”. The project aims towards a continuous development of the small villages surrounding SEKEM farm; whose residents form a huge part of our community. The staff and students of SEKEM’s educational institutions are involved in planning and implementing the project. The first phase of gathering data was successful and informative. Currently the project is in the phase of data analysis to set clear targets and prioritize the developmental steps to follow.

Greening the Desert

In El- Wahat El- Bahariya; 370 kilometers southwest of Cairo, SEKEM has started its project “Greening the Desert”. This project reclaims and revitalizes 63 hectares of desert land where SEKEM will build and invest, not only in its land but also in its new community in a holistic approach. The land is being irrigated using three solar-powered pivots to prevent wasting precious resources. Thousands of tons of biodynamic compost are used to seed life into desert sand. Now two out of three pivots are running, irrigating 42 hectares of peppermint, peanuts, and chamomile. With your support through the crowd funding campaign, SEKEM’s project will continue to turn desert sand into arable land, capable of growing delicious and nutritious healthy products far from any soil, air or water contamination.

Those projects and events, among others, draw the footsteps of the past and pave the pathway to the future toward vision for 2057.

Nadine Greiss

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