First Graduates SEKEM Heliopolis University

A Motivating Farewell for the First Graduates of Heliopolis University

With a competitive and motivating spirit, the first students of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) were bidding farewell to their university life, by presenting their graduation projects.

The Business Department students had spent their final semester analyzing the market for products of SEKEMs company ISIS Organic, which they presented in front of a committee of professors and experts. The HU-students revealed through their projects innovative and practical ideas and solutions to address the current challenges the economic situation in Egypt is facing. Hence, the committee showed a positive impression announcing that all the students had successfully passed their final graduation exam.

“Freedom in learning and being aware of the current challenges has been always the core guideline at SEKEM School and HU”, says Afdal Farid, a former student at SEKEM School and one of the first HU-graduates.

Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development launched its first semester in September 2012. Emerging from SEKEMs vision and mission, HU is working with a holistic approach to foster new generations in addressing current and future challenges.

Noha Hussein

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