Wherever DUNDU appears, children and adults quickly overcome fears and begin to be equally enthusiastic about the fascinating creature.

A Gigantic Surprise Visits SEKEM – Again

For the second time already, DUNDU – a gigantic mannequin – has visited the SEKEM farm. This time he also surprised the students of the Heliopolis University.

SEKEM students and staff were amazed when suddenly in early January a five-metre tall figure appeared on the SEKEM Farm and on the grounds of the Heliopolis University and welcomed them in a very unique way. It’s name was DUNDU (“You And You” in German), a mannequin of truly fabulous proportions, that was visiting SEKEM already for the second time.

The unique figure consists of innumerable individual fibre strands that cross over and over again, creating a mesh of connections that still leave open space between them, visualising interdependency and individualism. Five persons guide and steer DUNDU by using poles. Their sensitive and routine performances have already fascinated many people around the world. DUNDU seeks to encourage them to project their fantasies onto an identity-less being – in order to not only stimulate the creativity of the person interacting with the figure, but also promoting exciting interactions particularly with children.

Deep Roots in SEKEM

DUNDU made a stop at SEKEM on its way to Southern Egypt. On 4 January, the gentle giant surprised the students of the SEKEM School during their morning commute to the classrooms. Initial amazement from a distance quickly turned into enthusiasm and eventually the kids found great pleasure in even shaking the hands of the almost lifelike figure.

Later in the day, when the sun had already set, DUNDU visited the staff of ISIS OrganicSEKEMs largest company. In keeping with the change of shifts at the time, the sounds of the kora (a harp from West Africa) were played right next to the “being of light”. The instrument was played by Stefan Charisius. Charisius and Tobias Husemann are the two fathers of DUNDU.

The former is also the son of Klaus Charisius, who is no stranger to SEKEM either: Klaus Charisius had once built all the workshops that today form part of the SEKEM School. Moreover, he has left his signature in the memory of everyone concerned with the development of the school as a popular and dedicated crafts teacher. His son now accompanies the precise and gentle movements of the DUNDU doll with wonderful melodies. The effect is a magical aura that leaves all participants enthralled by its atmosphere.

In this rare beautiful ambience, the last of the employees from SEKEMs company ISIS Organic happily went home. Meanwhile, the next group of workers took to an inspired night shift.

At the University

The following, staff and students of the Heliopolis University on the outskirts of Cairo were similarly pleased. Many of the young academics had just left the examination halls, as the gigantic wire doll dropped by, accompanied by music and juggling performances.

After DUNDU is already at home on many stages worldwide and has visited some of the most famous places on earth, it was a special honour for the SEKEM community to receive its team on the farm for a second time. Again, DUNDU has brought plenty of smiles to the faces of the young and old at the initiative.

Christine Arlt