Microcredit Loans for Sheep Husbandry: “SEKEM Bedaya Fund” Update

“SEKEM Bedaya – Marilou Fund” supports the residents of the 13 villages around SEKEM to start their own business in order to enhance their economic and social conditions, while establishing productive, lucrative, and environmentally friendly work.

Two applicants have already received the funding to launch their projects. Both projects are in the field of sheep husbandry. The role of SEKEM Bedaya isn’t limited to the granting loans only; it extends to the projects study, training, maintenance and follow-up until reaching results.

This is how it works: Ahmed, the new sheep farmer

Here’s how it works! 42-year-old Ahmed Saeid applied for the microcredit and selected the sheep husbandry project. “SEKEM Bedaya” suggested to Ahmed the place to raise the sheep, a trusted supplier where he could purchase them, as well as the supplier of Organic nutrition.

Based on experiences and expert knowledge a certain space for keeping the seeps was defined. Such criteria shall ensure the respect and wellbeing of the animals, on top of a great product quality for the end consumer. Additionally, Ahmed is trained to utilize the animal waste in the compost production.

Through the course of 10 months, Ahmed gets to benefit from the sheep byproduct, such as milk, compost, and wool until the sheep are in age for breeding without paying any loan installments. In addition, Ahmed receives a risk insurance, in order to feel more save and empowered to develop and grow his business.

Ahmed Saeid is from the village Gelfina and is father to four children aged between 3 and 15. He is one of many others from the 13 villages area, who want to provide a better life and future to his family – with the “SEKEM Bedaya Fund” he has a better chance now to do so.

“SEKEM Bedaya – Marilou Fund” endorses small business owners in the 13 villages