100 Years for Waldorf Schools – 30 Years for SEKEM’s School

“Development means to lift from one consciousness to the next, to develop ourselves, the earth, and the community,” says Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of SEKEM’s Initiative in the film “Waldorf 100” that was shot in the context of celebrating 100 years Waldorf education in the world.

Waldorf education was initiated in Germany in 1919. Inclusion is one of its key pillars since its cradle; hence, it was able to bend to suit every culture, religion and ethnicity. Now in over 60 countries, about a thousand Waldorf schools help unfold the potential of the youth and shape healthy, creative, capable community members who are aware of their responsibility towards nature, one another and to the community.

SEKEM is part of this movement for an education with children at its center. SEKEM’s kindergarten, SEKEM School, and SEKEM’s school for children with special needs follow the Waldorf methods designed to unfold children’s potential and create a nurturing environment for children of different backgrounds, social classes, nationalities and religions.

In the second part of the “Waldorf 100” film, SEKEM Founder Ibrahim Abouleish and SEKEM CEO Helmy Abouleish speak about the meaning of holistic education at SEKEM.

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