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SEKEM strives to contribute to holistic, sustainable development since 1977 in the four dimensions of sustainable development: Ecology, Economy, Societal- and Cultural Life. And since the very beginning, SEKEM has a great network of supporters and like-minded people, helping SEKEM to achieve its goals. Ever since, there is a great community of people, carrying the vision of SEKEM in their hearts and supporting SEKEM in its various fields.

We would like to invite you to support SEKEM as well by donating to one of our current fundraising campaigns. 

Donate for the Desert School

New life is emerging in the remote western desert of Egypt. SEKEM does not only want to reclaim desert land but to build a sustainable community. During these days, we are establishing a school for the  children of the region.

We want to unfold the children’s potential and empower them to shape their future. Empoweing our children means to empower the future! Only through people and together with people we can realize a sustainable transition.

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Donate for Health

Donate to the Medical Center NowHealth is more than the absence of illness. SEKEM wants to develop a concept for integrative health that understands human well-being in its entirety and promotes it preventively. With this, SEKEM wants to contribute to a sustainable improvement of the desolate health system and the high incidence of diseases in Egypt.

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Support the SEKEM School

Donate to the SEKEM School NowEducation is the foundation of wholistic human development and progress of everything. It is a continuous challenge. Learning throughout life enables people to improve their living conditions and contribute to the development of their community and country. Help us with your donation to provide education to as many children as possible, giving them a perspective for their future.

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Donate for Education

Together, we can offer children and adults in Egypt a holistic education that allows them to develop their potential. Only by investing in people and life long learning a country can develop sustainably. Join us and make a difference. Every donation counts!

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