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Integrating Social Aspects in Work Life

The basis for all activities for women’s empowerment is the social meeting, which takes place on a weekly basis on company level. Part of the meeting are the elected speakers, managerial and administrative staff members as well as individual employees dedicated to the cause of women’s empowerment or social activities in general. Until now the social meeting is established in NatureTex and ISIS and is supported as well by the SEKEM Development Foundation.

Open Dialogue

The big advantage of establishing a social meeting is the effect on employees who learn to discuss on eye level level with each other and with people from the management. By practicing an open and respectful dialogue with each other, where everyone can bring up topics relevant to her/him, an atmosphere of equality evolves, which is establishing the ground for women to voice their needs and concerns in a safe environment, where they gain self-confidence in dialogue with their co-workers.

Be Active Together

An integral part of the social meeting are topics brought to discussion by the speakers of the laborers like salaries, working conditions, vacations etc. Furthermore employees are bringing up new ideas for activities like additional skills courses conducted by the SEKEM development foundation, trainings or medical advice sessions. These activities as well as purely social events like celebrating birthdays or farewells or planning company trips are organized by the motivated members of the social meeting.

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