New Edition of “Al Tanwîr”

For the second time already, the company newspaper “Al Tanwîr” (“Enlightenment”) was now published in SEKEM. The eight-page magazine bears the subtitle „for a balance between working and family life“ and focuses on the challenges faced by women when they pursue careers but remain housewives

and mothers at the same time. The idea to develop and publish an internal company newspaper had been broached during so called social meetings at Naturetex, SEKEMs garment factory. These meetings are taking place once a week and the company staff is planing activities or discussing general concerns.

While the first edition of “Al Tanwîr” was published by NatureTex alone, the editorial team is now happy that new members from the ISIS Organic or the SEKEM School are joining them. Two teachers have already written an article on the highly successful “Girl’s Day” which had been held in the school facilities this spring (see SEKEMs Vocational Training Centre Celebrates “Girl’s Day”). In addition to reports on current activities, the magazine also includes staff portraits or interviews and aims to educate its readers. Thus, it featured a report on the history of the international “Women‘s Day” in its second edition.

On the occasion of the annual SEKEM Spring Festival, the “Al Tanwîr” magazine was first offered for sale. The editors aim to finance the third edition, that shall be released soon, from these revenues.

Christine Arlt