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Its Only Impossible Until You Do It

slrSEKEM for Land Reclamation (SLR) was founded in 2007 for agricultural crop production. All products serve solely as raw materials (medical and aromatic plants and herbs, vegetables and fruits) for the other SEKEM companies that process them.

SLR started reclaiming and cultivating new pieces of land according to Biodynamic principles and has enlarged the cultivation area within four years from 263 feddans to a total of 1628 feddans. The new desert lands in Sinai, Bahareya and Minya were important elements of SEKEMs long-term strategy to focus on growth through supplying security and further improved quality.

In 2010, SLR overtook, additionally, the management of all old SEKEM Farms in Belbeis  previously managed by LIBRA. Furthermore, SLR engages in assuring fair prices as well as planning and producing for the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) members and stakeholders.

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With Biodynamic Agriculture from Sand to Fertile Soils

The methods of SLR are based on Biodynamic agriculture, a specific form of organic agriculture which views the farm as a self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem responsible for creating and maintaining its individual health and vitality without any external or unnatural additions. Soil, plants, animals and humans together create this image of a holistic living organism.

SEKEM applies Biodynamic agricultural methods, with compost being the major component in turning desert land into living and healthy soils. The application of resilient crops and natural predators prevent the introduction of external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE) as an independent inspection and certification body ensures and guarantees that the International Demeter and EU standards for organic production are fulfilled.

Biodiversity as basis for sustainable agriculture

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