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Microorganisms as Solution

predatorIn 2010 SEKEM and in partnership with the Danish companies EWH Bio Production and Envision, SEKEM started mass production of beneficial microorganisms under the name “Predators Production Company”. The Predators Production Company is specialized in breeding and production of a number of natural enemies that resist many pests in vegetable and fruit crops either in open field or inside the greenhouse.

And the production and raising process are made in a well equipped laboratories and greenhouses in the company premises using the latest techniques and equipment, under the supervision of a group of Egyptian and Danish experts and specialists. SEKEM started using the microorganisms on SEKEMs own fields, but they are also sold on general agricultural markets as an efficient alternative to regular pesticides or other artificial chemical products harmful to plants and humans.

What is SEKEM doing for the plants?

There are Plenty Advantages. Here are Three of Them:

  • Predators and parasites is one of the most effective ways to combat pests if used properly and in the required time.
  • Economic and affordable compared to other methods of control and easy to apply in the field and do not need much labor.
  • Predators are an excellent alternative to get rid of many pests without resorting to the use of harmful pesticides, which pollutes the environment and has many toxic effects on humans and animals.

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