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Animal Welfare is Priority

libraLIBRA, founded in 1988, concentrates its operations on cattle management since 2010 and leaves all its former agricultural activities to SEKEM for Land Reclamation. The company produces milk, eggs, meat, fodder and began producing compost under the name of Soil & More Compost in May 2007.

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Altogether, LIBRA has five different products. All products serve solely as raw materials for the other SEKEM companies, which process them – except for compost and the related carbon credits, which are sold and traded on the open market.

In SEKEMs Demeter based understanding of farm and cattle management, animals are not only raised in ways appropriate to the species, but also with the physical requirements of their natural development. The cattle lives in an open space covered by a shade roof. Cattle nutrition consists of maize-silage, clover, straw, fodder beat and orange zests. The sheep nutrition consists of silage and regularly grazing. For the chickens, no antibiotics are used in the entire management and treatment of the chickens. Their nutrition consists of maize and soya silage and greens. In average, seven chickens live on one m2 indoor and additionally they have access to a free chicken run outside.

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Composting – Organic Fertilization

Composting at Libra is carried out in two sites, one in Adleya and the other one nearby Alexandria. LIBRA has a total of 20 feddan (= 8 ha) of composting area and three feddan (=1 ha) of storage area. The aerobic conditions throughout the composting process are the basis of acquiring methane avoidance based carbon credits, a project which LIBRA developed together with Soil & More International.

Libra produces compost under the tradename of Soil & More. It has an increased water holding capacity, disease suppression, improved soil structure, substitute for synthetic fertilizers. Compost offers a higher productivity per unit of land and, thus, all in all makes the farmer more economically competitive.

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