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Reducing Cost by Increasing Productivity

el-mizanEl-Mizan is a plant raising company aiming at providing Egypt’s vegetable producers and SEKEM for Land Reclamation with healthy, profitable in- and outdoor grafted seedlings. The company was founded 2006 as a joint venture company between Grow Group Holland and SEKEM, Egypt.

The principle of grafting is to use a vigorous rootstock with high absorbing and transporting capacities, so that it is able to provide the chosen plant variety with its needed water and nutrients. This combination of a vigorous rootstock and a strong variety leads to an increase in crop productivity of up to 10%. Such grafted plants are more resistant against soil diseases like root rot, viruses, fusarium and are better adoptable to extreme climates.

Grafting means lower cost per plant due to higher productivity and better plant health and lower cost per area through lower plant density. In the production we follow the latest phytosanitarian and agricultural standards.

SEKEM is strickly against Genetically Modified Organisms

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