SEKEM Festival 2024

May We Be Stewards for the Future

We want to celebrate and take action with you: The SEKEM vision has been alive in Egypt for over 45 years now; SEKEM friends in many countries support this vision in their local environment with great commitment and the implementation of the SEKEM Future Vision 2057 is in full swing. Let’s use this great potential from the past and proactively shape the future together so that it fills us with anticipation!

It‘s in our hands: We human beings have all possibilities and with it the responsibility of shaping our earth in a way that makes it worth living for all! Let us seize this opportunity with joy and shape our stewardship together.

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Shared Dorm

Price per Person

2 Nights

Full Board


(100€ members)*

Double Room

Price for 2 Person

2 Nights

Full Board


(320€ members)*

Single Room

Price per Person

2 Nights

Full Board


(180€ members)*

Participation only or tent

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2 days/nights

Full Board


(70€ members)*

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*Price for members of the SEKEM Friends Associations

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With the reservation a deposit ogf 50% of the total price is due. If the depost is not paid, the reservation will expire within 14 days.

Shuttle Service

Since the youth hostel Oberbernhards i sloctaed a bit far away from the next bigger train station (Fulda), there will be a shuttler service from there.

This is what we want to do:

We invite you to gain insight into our sustainable economic practices and discover how an „Economy of Love“ lives and develops.

You can expect a colorful cultural program that may lead to a concert, exhibition or performance.

Let‘s discover the transformative power of biodynamic agriculture together. Our farmers will share their experiences with their services to our ecosystem.

Social transformation is taking place in 13 villages in Egypt – we want to share with you how social change can take place in your living environments.