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The Movement Art – Eurythmy

Eurythmy – which means “beautiful rhythm” – is a movement art that makes music and spoken word visible through the entire human body as an instrument. It creates a harmony of body, soul and spirit and enhances awareness for the surroundings and relations between others. It was developed in 1912 by the Austrian philosopher, scientist and social reformer Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925). Over the last 100 years, Eurythmy continued to evolve beyond merely being a performative art and is now finding application in different areas from education to therapy and the workplace.


Eurythmy in Different Environments


Eurythmy as a Performing Art

Eurythmy expresses musical pieces up to concerts or symphonies and linguistic works, lyrical and epic pieces as well as dramas. It uses colourful costumes and light design to enhance experiences of the inner soul movement. 






Eurythmy in Education

Eurythmy is part of the SEKEM School curriculum and core program at the Heliopolis University to support children and young adults in the development of  their bodies and souls through age-appropriate movement exercises. It can be used to awaken and strengthen the expressive and imaginative capacities as well as train social skills and enhance self-confidence.





Eurythmy at the Workplace

At the workplace, Eurythmy helps for team building and to improve social, cooperation and communication skills.  It can also be used for and to improve concentration, wellbeing and resilience of the employees while at the same time reducing stress.






Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy as a therapy is to ease illnesses and support healing processes. It activates one’s own intrinsic healing powers to find back to a state of balance and health.







SEKEM Eurythmy Training

Eurythmy training institutes can be found worldwide. In Egypt, Sekem School is hosting an Eurythmy training with the possibility of a diploma for Eurythmy in Education and at the workplace. SEKEM also has a training partnership with the Eurythmeum in Switzerland and regularly hosts training with leading international Eurythmy instructors in SEKEM farm. 





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