Sustainable development is a full time job!

Applying sustainable development


In the operations of the SEKEM companies, the Sustainability Flower is fully applied in its three functions as a management, assessment and communication tool.


In the dimension ECONOMIC LIFE, SEKEM reflects what kind of products it sells and in which way it distributes values along the value chain. In SOCIETAL LIFE, the protection and regulation of human rights is in the focus. CULTURAL LIFE concentrates on the question of how to support the development of the individual. These three areas of society are surrounded by the six sub-dimensions of ECOLOGY: SOIL, PLANTS, ANIMALS, ENERGY, AIR, and WATER; to understand the positive and negative impact on the environment.


For our annual evaluation process, we formulated strategic, tangible targets aligned with SEKEM’s vision, mission and policies. The  continuously ongoing data collection on SEKEM’s economic, social, cultural and ecological performance results in a Sustainable Development Scorecard that we use for  improvement and communication purposes e.g. for our annual Sustainable Development Report.


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A passionate team of experts


In order to manage, monitor and improve sustainable development in SEKEM and Egypt, SEKEM created a department for sustainable development with a passionate team of experts, who review, analyze and develop every single day.


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