SEKEMs structure of support

SEKEM Holding Structure


SEKEMs Executive Management comprises the Chairperson & President, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), The Chief Human Development Officer (CHDO), the Chief Sustainable Development Officer (CSDO), the Chief Relations Officer (CRO), the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Quality Officer (CQO). An Executive Committee and the Management Meeting also support the operational management of SEKEM.


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SEKEM Matrix


SEKEMs strives to create synergies and relations between its subsidiaries as well as foster sharing knowledge and experience. As a result, SEKEM established its Structure of Support, or SEKEM  Matrix, which shall ensure communication between coherent departments and positions.


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SEKEM Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is in charge of major strategic and financial decisions in regards to the SEKEM Holding, such as approving the annual and quarterly budget and forecast, strategic directions and reviewing the overall performance and its internal roles and procedures are regulated according to the corporate governance manual of SEKEM as well as the shareholder agreement.


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Management Meetings


The Management Meeting is held with the Top Management of the SEKEM Holding and selected top managers within the SEKEM Companies on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. While the SEKEM Holding Top Management is rather working strategically, the meeting shall ensure that the management on company's level is benefiting as much as possible from the experience of the Holding.

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