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Integration into the community


The Objective of this program is to foster, encourage and guide people with special needs to self-reliance as much as possible and engage them in the on-going business processes to become a useful member of society.

Believing that people with special needs have the capability to be effective in the community is the vision behind the establishment of this school. The school provides care, training and rehabilitation for those people in order to integrate them in the society.


In this School people with special needs exercise their role in life according to their  abilities and through the development of mental/cognitive and physical/mobility skills, the Sekem school enables special-needs pupils to interact with their environment, by using such tools as music, arts and crafts, and academic classes. All of this helps to increase the awareness of special-needs pupils, enables them to develop their individual skills, and find their own place in society..


SEKEM takes this one step further by trying to create job opportunities within the institution for those who are less capable, to help them achieve maximum independence and social integration.


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