Ongoing research activities

Continuous research program


Department of Agricultural Research

Breeding of medicinal and aromatic plants, acclimatization of imported plants and production of seed and seedlings

Implementation and production of successful research in species varieties

Scientific support


Department of Biotechnology and Microbiological Research

Producing substances from micro-organisms and metabolites like bio-fertilizers, bio-control agents, bio-treatment of environmental pollutants and others

Analysis services


Department of Market Studies

Marketing research

Development of marketing plans, providing training programs and other marketing consultation activities to the SEKEM Group and other stakeholders.


Department of Medical Research

Medical research

Clinical trials

Scientific support


Department of Pharmaceutical Research

Developing pharmaceutical products from medicinal plants


Department of Water Research

Research on wastewater treatments and implementation

Drinking water disinfection and treatment

Monitoring of water quality


Arts Department

Eurythmy book in Arabic



Science discovers. Arts creates.


Research is also done in arts. An example: A research project was conducted on stress reduction on the working place through the practicing of eurythmy. One of our eurythmy teachers investigated this on the base of a master thesis. 15 supervisors of SEKEMs textile production NatureTex participated in the project. It was found that there was a significant decrease in the stress hormone Cortisol. Another study addressed the close relationship between music and human beings.


Discover the eurythmy at SEKEM

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