The Heliopolis Academy

Holistic research since 1999

Sustainable development requires research


In 1999, the SEKEM Development Foundation (SDF) established the Heliopolis Academy for Sustainable Development as a major independent research institution. In the Academy, a network of scientists and artists, national and international, collaborates and works on practical solutions for challenges encountered during the development process. Through a number of activities, the Academy’s program aims to improve Egypt’s capacity to conduct, publish and disseminate relevant scientific research in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, Biodynamic agriculture, sustainable economic, social sciences, community development, and arts.


Sharing knowledge


The departments of the Heliopolis Academy mainly fulfill three tasks. First, they conduct funded research projects from different programs and frameworks. Second, the medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotechnology research departments provide services to the SEKEM group of companies. Third, the training department offers capacity building and job-specific knowledge transfer for all SEKEM employees. Furthermore, the Academy launched in the last three years two rounds of the Innovation Award for outstanding Egyptian projects in sustainable development, called INNOVA.


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